Getting to Know Twitter.

If you want to win Twitter competitions and are not sure where to start then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve put together a handy guide

How to set up a Twitter account

If you don’t have a Twitter account simply visit and sign up. You will need to provide Twitter with the following information: full name, email address and password.

Adjusting your Twitter settings

When you first log into Twitter you will have no profile details and your profile photo will be an egg.

It is a good idea to take a few minutes to personalise your Twitter account – this will ensure you don’t look like a spammer and are easily identified as a real person.

Click on the cog symbol to the right of the search bar in the Twitter header and choose the top option in the list – edit profile.

From this screen you can fill in various fields with information about yourself and add a photo.

Once you are done, click ‘save changes’ at the bottom.

Getting to know your way around

Twitter can be a bit daunting at first as there are lots of different ways to do things and different screens to learn you way around.

I will try to teach you some basics.

How to send a tweet

To send a basic tweet, click the blue quill and paper button which is in the Twitter header bar at the far right.

You will then have a box pop up which says ‘what’s happening’ at the top.

Simply type in your text and press the tweet button at the bottom to send it out.

You can only have 140 characters in a tweet and you’ll see as you type that at the bottom of the message it will count down and tell you how many more characters you have available – or it will show in red how many you have gone over by.

A basic Tweet will show up in the newsfeed of anyone who is following you – if you want to make a tweet more visible to someone – you will need to mention them in it.

How to mention someone on Twitter

To chat to someone on Twitter so it is more easy for them to spot – you should use mentions.

This simply means incorporating their Twitter name into the tweet you are sending.

For example: I am @morsey75 on Twitter so you could tweet the following:

@morsey75 I’ve just joined Twitter and thought I’d say hi

This tweet would still be visible to others – but it would show up better for me and appear in my mentions so I know someone is talking about me.

To check your mentions and see who is talking to you or about you click the option in the Twitter header which says @connect and then the mentions option.

This is important for comping – as promoters will normally mention you in a tweet as a winner and request you dm them your details in order to claim your win.

DMs (Direct Message)

DMs or Direct Messages are private messages between Twitter users. To send a DM to someone, they will need to be following you and vice versa.

When you win on Twitter you will normally be asked to DM the promoter your name and address details. To do this, visit the promoter’s Twitter page and at the top right of their profile is a little head symbol – click on it and the option to send a direct message is there.

To check your DMs, click on the cog symbol on the Twitter header to the right of the search bar and choose the direct messages option.

Following and re-tweeting

The most common way of entering a competition on Twitter is by following and re-tweeting.

To enter a basic Follow and Re-tweet competition – find the competition tweet either on the promoters Twitter page or our Twitter page.

Simply press the re-tweet option which is in small writing underneath the tweet and then click the promoters name; in the pop up box that appears press the follow button or if you are already on the promoters page press follow.

Now you are ready to start entering competitions!

To start with you aren’t going to know where to go to find the competitions – so find me on Twitter by visiting this link and make sure to press the ‘follow’ button.

How to enter your first Twitter competition

Scroll through my Twitter timeline and find a competition that you fancy entering – I try to make it nice and easy by retweeting the original competition tweets so for most of the competitions you can simply press the retweet button underneath the tweets on my page and click the promoters name to bring up the pop up screen and press follow and then close the pop up screen.

Sometimes you will be asked to do more than simply follow and retweet:

Follow Fridays

Often on Fridays there are Twitter competitions which ask you to give them a Friday follow (#Fridayfollow #followfriday #ff) in order to enter. Make sure you are following them first. Then copy or make a note of any #tags used in the competition tweet – then hit reply and either paste or write in the #tags – so for example a regular one on a Friday with @foxybingo should look like:

@foxybingo #foxyfriday #followfriday


Pretty much the same as for Follow Fridays – there will be a special word or several indicated by a # symbol, which will need to be included in your entry. So again using foxybingo’s example – on their Friday competition you have to make sure you include the word #foxyfriday in your entry. The reason for this is because the competition promoter will use a search on that special #phrase to find entrants and picks their winner from that list.

Credit goes to the competitionclub for the above document.


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