How I won over £20000 entering free competitions.

You’ve got to ask yourself one question. Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?’ My guide to how you can win money by entering free competitions


Everyone needs a hobby but mine isn’t your typical pastime. Instead of playing golf, collecting stamps or going on the occasional fishing trip, I enter competitions. Lots of competitions.

Over the last few years I’ve won tickets to world premieres, shopping vouchers, holidays, clothes and numerous smaller prizes. Oh, and one prize of a whopping £10,000 in cold hard cash!

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A Better Shave for Less

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GET A FREE DESSERT (PIZZA EXPRESS) as seen on this morning

Take advantage of an early Christmas offer today at Pizza Express and get a FREE portion of  sweet, sugar-dusted dough balls. Simply say “FREE SNOWBALL DOUGH BALLS” to redeem one portion per person. You can get this great freebie to eat in or takeaway!

Offer is available to individuals to 16 and over. No other purchase necessary.


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How to get a free star wars speaker. (Even if you are not an O2 customer)


How to get a free Star Wars speaker if you’re not on O2

You might still be able to get your free O2 SIM before the end of the offer but you need to be quick because it finishes the 15th November.

If you haven’t got an O2 phone number, there might still be time to get your hands on a free O2 SIM which will come with a phone number that you can use to sign up for Priority.

To get a free SIM, go to O2’s Pay & Go Sims page. There, you can choose any of the bundle options (I went for the £10 per month one but you don’t actually have to pay to receive the SIM so don’t worry), and choose the type of SIM you require. You’ll then need to fill in the form to let O2 know your name and address, and before you know it you’ll have ordered yourself a free SIM and it should arrive within three days.

On O2’s website, it suggests that you’ll need to top up to activate the SIM, but I’ve also heard that you can simply pop the SIM card into your phone, download the O2 priority app (via WiFi) and then enter the O2 phone number when it asks you to.

Aptaclub Baby Club – Free Registration

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Coca Cola Christmas Truck Dates

The Christmas truck is coming

Christmas for some hasn’t arrived until the Coca Cola Christmas truck advert has been watched.  This year again they have the UK tour for the truck where you can come and have your picture taken and see this in the flesh.

Speaking from experience, arrive early, wrap up warm, take a flask of coffee, stuff for the kids to do and be prepared to wait in the queue.  I would also recommend taking a camera as well and don’t rely on your mobile phone.  If you are going to take a mobile phone for pictures instead of a camera make sure it is charged up or you have a portable charging device.

You can also win a great competition to win a visit from the truck with a special delivery of Christmas goodies! Grab a promotional pack and enter your unique code for a chance to win the ultimate Christmas. CLICK HERE

The places and dates where this can be seen are listed below.  Most of all have a great day and don’t forget those pictures.

  1. Inverness – 20th Nov
  2. Fraserburgh – 21st Nov
  3. Perth – 22nd Nov
  4. Edinburgh – 23rd Nov
  5. Newquay – 24th Nov
  6. Glasgow – 24th Nov
  7. Tavistock – 25th Nov
  8. Gateshead – 26th Nov
  9. Paignton – 26th Nov
  10. Barnstaple – 27th Nov
  11. Middlesbrough – 27th Nov
  12. Penrith – 28th Nov
  13. Yeovil – 28th Nov
  14. Morecambe – 29th Nov
  15. Weymouth – 29th Nov
  16. Newtown – 1st Dec
  17. Colwyn Bay – 2nd Dec
  18. Llanelli – 2nd Dec
  19. Cardiff – 3rd Dec
  20. Chester – 3rd Dec
  21. Liverpool– 4th Dec
  22. Swindon – 4th Dec
  23. Manchester – 5th Dec
  24. The O2 Greenwich, London – 5th Dec
  25. The O2 Greenwich, London – 6th Dec
  26. Wigan – 6th Dec
  27. Huddersfield – 9th Dec
  28. Great Yarmouth – 9th Dec
  29. Bury St Edmunds – 10th Dec
  30. Leeds – 10th Dec
  31. Ripon – 11th Dec
  32. Watford – 11th Dec
  33. Bridlington – 12th Dec
  34. Reading – 12th Dec
  35. Gloucester – 13th Dec
  36. Sheffield – 13th Dec
  37. Bournemouth – 16th Dec
  38. Nottingham – 16th Dec
  39. Leicester – 17th Dec
  40. Winchester – 17th Dec
  41. Peterborough – 18th Dec
  42. Eastbourne – 18th Dec
  43. Margate – 19th Dec
  44. Romford – 20th Dec
  45. TBC, London – 22nd Dec
  46. Leicester Square, London – 23rd Dec