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The story so far

Welcome from William Hindmarch,

Founder and CEO of BOTB

Dear Car Lover,

I started BOTB in 1999 but my motivation for the business was born much earlier. Quite simply I have always loved cars! I think it was something that happened at an early age, as my father always took me to races at Brands Hatch when I was young. My long suffering mother had to put up with the fact that cars were more important than new furniture (or even a staircase in our first house, so legend has it!) and I grew up around my father’s cars, like the Lotus Elite, Frog Eye Sprite and even a couple of E Types in the good years!

It was my desire to be around, and ultimately own, a lovely car (and not being able to afford one!) that made me start BOTB. The idea was simple – to give people a great chance to win the car of their dreams for a small amount of money. 15 years on, I am very proud to say that this dream has now been realised for hundreds of people who are now driving cars that they merely dreamt of when they were little boys (or girls!).

It has been hugely rewarding both starting and running BOTB, and although hard work at times, we are fortunate to have the dedicated support of a great team at our head office in South West London and a tireless team of staff at our airports sites. I must thank them for all their hard work and my wife for being incredibly tolerant for all the late nights moving cars into and out of airports!!

I hope you enjoy playing BOTB competitions and that the cars that you pinned to your bedroom wall will one day soon become a reality! I always welcome any feedback you have, and love any discussions relating to cars (especially engines, and all the latest supercar gadgetary!) so please do get in touch.

Kind regards,


William Hindmarch
Founder and CEO


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