How to get a free star wars speaker. (Even if you are not an O2 customer)


How to get a free Star Wars speaker if you’re not on O2

You might still be able to get your free O2 SIM before the end of the offer but you need to be quick because it finishes the 15th November.

If you haven’t got an O2 phone number, there might still be time to get your hands on a free O2 SIM which will come with a phone number that you can use to sign up for Priority.

To get a free SIM, go to O2’s Pay & Go Sims page. There, you can choose any of the bundle options (I went for the £10 per month one but you don’t actually have to pay to receive the SIM so don’t worry), and choose the type of SIM you require. You’ll then need to fill in the form to let O2 know your name and address, and before you know it you’ll have ordered yourself a free SIM and it should arrive within three days.

On O2’s website, it suggests that you’ll need to top up to activate the SIM, but I’ve also heard that you can simply pop the SIM card into your phone, download the O2 priority app (via WiFi) and then enter the O2 phone number when it asks you to.


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